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Rady Children’s Convalescent Hospital

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As architects and designers, it is our responsibility to create places that assist in the healing and well being of all those who will be housed within. With children’s facilities, it is essential that we create places that uplift not only the patient, but also their families and, just as importantly, the staff. For Rady Chidren’s Hospital, we are in the process of completing tenant improvements of approximately 21,000 square feet. The project involves conversion of an existing hospital inpatient cancer unit into a children’s convalescent hospital.


Our design concept, “My Other House,” remodels the existing clinical space into a home-like environment, as these special patients may live their entire lives in this facility. Although a dramatic environmental change, the remodel salvaged as much of the existing building configuration in order to control cost. In addition, the new design will facilitate care giving by opening up the views from all work stations to all activity areas as well as the bedrooms. A safe and secure environment is essential in all projects, especially ones dedicated to the care of children.