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Saint Mary’s Health Network – Center for Health and Fitness

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The design of the 50,000 square foot Saint Mary’s Center for Health and Fitness has captured an emerging healthcare trend: a partnership between medicine and fitness.

As a part of the Saint Mary’s Center for Health, the Center for Health and Fitness furthers the themes already in place: wellness and patient convenience. Along with the mind/body/spirit design concept, the design of the interior spaces is intended to motivate and energize patients. The use of wood, stone and warm sage tones, along with daylight, provides an element of nature which is consistently linked to the notion of healing.


The center provides medically based fitness training, wellness education and quality of life improvement. It is equipped with areas for cardiac rehabilitation, strength training, cardiovascular activity, group fitness classes, pool therapy, child care and education. Also integrated with the project are physical therapy, women’s services and an auditorium for community education.