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Scripps Health – La Jolla Campus Board Room

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In late 2004, Scripps Health approached a team comprised of a local Contracting company and Mascari Warner to conceive of and construct a new executive board room in their headquarters office building. The project was ripe with challenges of every stripe; a key issue that required a successful resolution was working to create a space within an existing building that could handle the number of people that attend their board meetings. Through some architectural and mechanical gymnastics, we were able to craft a room that seats up to sixty people quite comfortably without ever feeling forced or cavernous.

Our vision for the project was that of a stimulating space that would spur creativity and enthusiasm among the board members to help lead them on a new way forward. To accomplish that we felt a break from the Old World feel of the existing building was necessary. Our contemporary yet timeless design incorporated deeply rich, warm tones in the color palette and subtle changes of their corporate image and logo. On the technical side, a state-of-the-art audiovisual system with the potential to add more capabilities as technology changes and becomes available was effortlessly added to the mix.

Teamwork, with all of the parties required to make this project come off without a hitch, was the single most important and rewarding part of the design process. Without it our clients wouldn’t have obtained the end result that they envisioned.